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Ecofinca Lo Favaret

Ecofinca Lo Favaret covers an area of 1.3 Hectares, to the south of the Serra del Boix, enjoying a warm and dry microclimate, ideal for the cultivation of the centenarian olive trees. We converted the finca to an ecological cultivation method, producing organic extra-virgin olive oil.

In our Eco home “La Faeneta”  we live respecting the natural resources. We produce our own solar energy -photovoltaic and thermal- Promote responsible water consumption because the supply of it comes from rain collected and stored in subterranean cisterns.

One foot out the door, you’re walking through aromatic plants, herbs and wildflowers, the thyme crunching underfoot or the lavender scenting your walk.

A perfect place for people, like us, who have their hearts split between the sea and the mountain.

  • Sea
  • Mountain

Sea or... mountain?

And why not sea and mountain? That's how we like it!

Come and share this experience in the heart of the mountain and a stone’s throw from the sea!

Porche y jardín © Vincent Bautes & Verónica Rey

La Faeneta

Restored old farmhouse surrounded by olive trees. Its strong point is the tranquility and privacy.

Guests: 2 / 4 people.
Pets allowed.
Minimum stay: 2 nights.