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Just stepping out the door of the Eco homes, you can start walking or mountain biking in the Serra del Boix. If you are of those who prefer the mountains and adventure sports, we are less than 1 hour from the summits of over 1,000 meters of the Natural Park of Els Ports Tortosa-Besseit. And do not miss the unknown Serra de Cardó, full of history and breathtaking mountain scenery, just 45 minutes from the Ecofinca Lo Favaret. If you prefer the sea and beach, the Natural Park of the Ebro Delta is only 20 minutes drive, waiting for you with rice fields rising behind the sand dunes, unspoilt beaches and incredible variety of bird-life, including the famous pink flamingos.

We briefly recommend some routes we have walked and believe are essential. If you want to know more, we invite you to see them in more detail and new excursions as on our blog. Have great fun!

Natural Park of Els Ports

Parque Natural de Els Ports

Unapproachable, varied, impressive massif of Els Ports is a refuge for many endangered species of flora and fauna, and especially the populations of beech trees, here they are Europe’s southernmost enclave. Excursions for all levels, tastes and abilities.

Serra de Cardó

Serra de Cardó

Combines nature, history and architecture in a mid-mountain environment. A hidden valley in the middle of the massif, full of secrets to discover… forests, hermitages, fountains, and even an old spa.

Serra del Boix and Coll de l'Alba

Serra del Boix y Coll de l'Alba

With a more mediterranean landscape, ideal for less demanding walks or mountain bike trails. The routes cross hectares of old olive, almond, carob groves and interesting dry stone architecrure, with beautiful views of the Ebro Delta.


El Montsià

This massif is ideal for easy excursions with the whole family. Situated on the coast, by the sea, it is the best vantage point to be impressed by the beauty of the Ebro Delta which extends to his feet.

La Punta del Fangar (Fangar peninsula)

La Punta del Fangar

This deltaic gem is one of the most valuable treasures of the Ebro Delta. There you will see how the rice paddies venture into the golden sand dunes, and you will sit perplexed by the mirages that arise in the distance.

El Trabucador

El Trabucador

A strange landscape where it feels to be away from it all, surrounded by water on both sides. It is a narrow sandbar of a few kilometers leading to the Punta de la Banya, which closes the bay of Els Alfacs.

El Serrallo and Migjorn

El Serrallo y Migjorn

Kilometers of almost wild beaches near the mouth of the river Ebro. On them you can practice naturism.

Calas de L'Ampolla (L'Ampolla coves)

Calas de l'Ampolla

Located on the north coast of l’Ampolla, you will discover a series of quiet pebble coves wrapped by cliffs, rocks and pine trees that bequeath almost to touch the sea.

Playa del Torn

Playa del Torn

Fantastic nudist beach of 3 kilometres long near Hospitalet de l’Infant, surrounded by mountains and pine trees, and considered one of the cleanest on the coast.

It is the path that ran along the rail tracks of the Vall de Zafán the first half of s.XX. So, now this track has been restored and reserved for cycling. The main section, of 44 kilometres, starts in Tortosa and ends in Horta de Sant Joan. It is a route suitable for everyone as the gradient is minimal and if the direction is towards the sea, the slope is downward. If you want to make the route only downhill, the cycling companies “Montsport” or “Esgambi” will transport you to the starting point.

Baix Ebre stretch. Tortosa - Benifallet (18 km)

Vía verde - Tortosa - Benifallet

Accompanying the course of the river Ebro and is the easiest part for its low gradient. Through areas of riparian forest, orchards and orange groves.

Baix Ebre Green Way | Benifallet Station

Terra Alta stretch. Benifallet - Horta de Sant Joan (26km)

Vía Verde - Benifallet - Horta de Sant Joan

It passes through the Natural Park of Els Ports, following the bed of the river Canaletes. It has a little more pronounced gradient. Spectacular mountain scenery, a spa: La Fontcalda, and guaranteed fun thanks to a large number of tunnels and viaducts.

Terra Alta Green Way | Benifallet Station