We are ecological

Eco tourism

Tourism intended to promote ecological awareness to limit damage to the environment.

At Ecofinca Lo Favaret, we are still learning and looking to improve on what we have already achieved in reducing our impact on the environment, not only on a global scale but also in our immediate surroundings.

We have restored and constructed our houses, taking into account the orientation, design and insulation, following the philosophy of bio-architecture, resulting in a construction well integrated into the surroundings and energetically efficient.

Not being connected to the electricity and water grid, our homes are self-sufficient, ie we produce our own energy and our water supply comes from rain that we collect.

Down pipes for the rainwater

At Ecofinca Lo Favaret we collect the rainwater and store it in a subterranean cistern with a capacity of 36,000 litres situated under the terrace of the house. Due to the shortage of rain in the area, in the ecohouses we have implemented a system of usage and recycling which helps us take advantage of the water to the maximum. In this way we can arrive at the consumption of 50 litres of water a day, as recommended by WHO.

Photovoltic solar panels

At Ecofinca Lo Favaret we are clearly committed to renewable and clean energy, relying on the new technological revolution that is occurring in the energy field. We use:

  • Photovoltaic solar energy to produce our electricity.
  • Thermo solar energy to heat water.
  • Biomass energy to heat homes through fireplace-boiler and floor heating in Escape.
Vegetal cover

In 2002 we acquired the finca which had previously been exploited in an intensive manner, subjected to chemical products highly contaminating not only the fruit (and for the eventual consumer), but for the land and the flora and fauna of the finca. Now after 13 years of regeneration of the finca by ecological practices, the land is covered by a blanket of vegetation that provides fundamental benefits for the well being of the environment.

Re-used hydraulic tiles

We firmly believe in the rule of the 3R´s (now extended to the 4R´s): reduce, reuse, recycle and reject. A proposal on consumer habits that offers tools to consume in an ethical and responsible way. This concept refers to strategies for waste management looking to become more sustainable with the environment and specifically give priority to reducing the volume of waste generated.

A high percentage of building materials, furniture, decoration, etc, of the eco homes, come from recycling or are made by us.

In 2013, Ecofinca Lo Favaret has been certified by the Spanish Sustainable Tourism Association “Ceres – Ecotur” as Sustainable Tourism Accommodation. The aspects considered for certification are:

  • Conscious visitor behaviour with low impact.
  • Sensitivity and appreciation with respect to local cultures and biodiversity.
  • Support local conservation efforts.
  • Sustainable benefits to local communities.
  • Local participation in decision-making.
  • Educational components for the traveller and local communities.